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4 Android Poker Etiquette Tips

When people think about poker etiquette, they're almost always focused on the live version. Most of the time, this involves simple things like being courteous to the dealer, not criticizing other players for bad play, and not discussing hands that you're out of.

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Poker, Mobile and 3 Advices for New Players

Since the early 19th century, when poker was played on Mississippi riverboats, players have had one goal in mind: make money! Nothing's changed in this regard, because players are still out to earn big profits. However, the methods available for playing the game have changed greatly since the old riverboat days, including mobile poker rooms.

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Making Money with Mobile Poker Rooms

Since the early 19th century, when poker was played on Mississippi riverboats, players have had one goal in mind: make money! Nothing's changed in this regard, because players are still out to earn big profits. However, the methods available for playing the game have changed greatly since the old riverboat days, including mobile poker rooms.

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Most Common Types of Poker for Android

If you've grown accustomed to online poker in recent years, then you've probably noticed a large influx of different game variations. The days of players only being able to play Texas Hold'em over the internet are long gone. What's nice is that we can also say the same thing about mobile poker, which offers more types of poker games than ever before. This is especially the case for the Android since these devices are one of the two most common among poker players. That said, let's rank the typical games that you'll find with regard to poker for Android.

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Playing your Favorite Mobile Poker Rooms

Many online poker players have found a particular site or sites that appeal to their specific needs and tastes. Some players like huge tournaments and cash games, so they play at the largest poker rooms available. Others prefer smaller, more-obscure sites where the competition is usually softer. Regardless of where one likes to play poker, though, it's also nice to know that many of their favorite rooms are now mobile compatible too. So if you're new to this experience and want to enjoy your favorite mobile poker rooms, then take a look at the following tips.

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Everything You Need to Know About Poker for Android

Mobile phones and other android-based mobile devices have become pocket entertainment centers lately. They can handle all sorts of multimedia just fine, and when it comes to online gaming, they're right on top of their games too. One of the most popular online games that people, who love the suspense created by real money gambling action, love, is poker for android. What is there to know about poker for android though? Complete laymen need to understand that there are several types of poker games available for android-based mobile devices.

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Poker, iPhone and Apps

As the number of mobile online casino- and online poker players slowly but surely exceeds those of PC-based players, online gaming companies would do better to focus more and more on their mobile apps, and that is indeed a market trend that we are currently seeing unfold. All the top online poker and online casino brands are busy churning out ever better and more attractive apps in order to keep up with the requirements of the market, yet for some reason, mobile online gambling and online poker have still not yet caught up with traditional PC-based online gaming. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the game selection of large online poker companies like PokerStars. While PokerStars have made a large number of real money games available to their mobile customers, there are still quite a few interesting games available in the traditional online interface that cannot be accessed through a mobile device. PokerStars are obviously not an exception in this respect. The poker iPhone experience offered by most online poker companies is second-rate at best.

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Poker, iPad and Mobile Betting

Unlike blackjack and some other online casino games, online poker doesn't lend itself particularly well to the mobile platform. There are all sorts of technical difficulties in properly implementing the massively multiplayer game format of online poker, and indeed some areas of this implementation process are still uncovered. The kind of poker iPad devices can handle is a sort of a simpler form of the game. Most of the biggest online poker rooms only offer cash games and SNGs through their mobile apps. Multi-table tournament action is largely uncovered, although some of the frontrunners of the industry (like PokerStars) have successfully covered this area as well. It is also part of the whole picture however that only at PokerStars will one be able to engage in multi-table tournaments through a mobile phone or an iPad at the moment.

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Start Playing Poker for Android Like a Pro

It is indeed every online poker player's dream to become a professional one day, that is to make a living doing the thing they love: playing poker. Of course, it is mathematically impossible for everyone to attain that dream. Only the most dedicated persevere, but there's a lot more to the recipe of the successful poker professional than that. Besides dedication, there's willingness to take major risks and a whole bunch of abilities which allow the player to reach a high level of what specialists call "poker thought".

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Advantages of Playing iPad Poker

The iPad is without a doubt one of the most popular and most useful mobile devices out there for one simple reason: its size does away with most of the disadvantages of mobile devices like smart-phones and it offers an almost better than PC experience while retaining mobility. Indeed, playing poker on an iPad is a world away from poker on any smart-phone, no matter how big its screen may be.

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888Poker has just launched its new mobile app. MTT's are now available in all devices (Android, iPhone and iPad).

The 888poker mobile apps for Android devices, iPhone and iPad offer Texas Hold'em cash games, Multi-Table Tournament and Sit & Go Tournaments. You can choose from Pot Limit, No Limit or Fixed Limit games.

All new UK players will get FREE entry to a £30,000 GIANT Freeroll just for signing up from any device. No deposit needed! Plus, they'll receive our infamous £12 FREE upon registration offer. There will be 2x £30,000 GIANT Freerolls running every week during the Party and players will be able to enter them once they start hitting the tables.

New players from other countries will get a FREE entry to a $50,000 GIANT Freeroll just for signing up from any device. No deposit needed! Plus, they'll receive our infamous $8 FREE upon registration offer.

There will be 2x $50,000 GIANT Freerolls running every week during the Party and players will be able to enter them once they start hitting the tables.

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Probability Gaming Looks To US For Mobile Poker Potential

Mobile gambling giant Probability reports strong trading across all sectors of its business in its Q3 including comments on the huge growth potential for future US Markets. Probability has never allowed wagers from US players in any sector of its business model and has always kept a clean reputation for responsible regulation. Without any hitches in the US E-gaming market the opportunity within the United States is endless once the flood gates are open.

Probability has already had early discussions with several US parties to explore potential options in the future. With the new developments in the US, Probabilities CEO Charles Cohen believes it is a matter of time before the Department of Justice gives individual states the ability to determine their own regulations within their own borders. This is a perfect scenario for the mobile gambling industry as the mobile platform is the only one where the location of the user can be confirmed with any certainty.

With over 110,000,000 Americans using apps on their smart phones that are capable of running Probability games it opens a tremendous amount of opportunity.

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888 Poker for Android

The 888 Poker Android app is an excellent online poker client, making all the perks and most of the functionality offered by the downloadable 888 Poker software available for mobile users (COMING SOON: IPAD APP!).

888 Poker's new Android app has been launched a while ago, and its beta version has been available for a while too at the 888 poker site. The downloadable .apk file is only 10 MBs big. Dedicated for all types of android devices (phones as well as tablets) the app takes up 23 MBs once installed. Despite the fact that wide compatibility should certainly be of high priority for an online poker app, the 888 Poker android app only works on devices which support Adobe Air, as the app is built on Air technology.

Other than the above said shortcoming, the app is a wonderful piece of online poker engineering. It allows existing 888 poker players to log into the action using their existing usernames and passwords. It also allows new players to register and to deposit/withdraw money from the cashier. Those playing through this 888 Poker mobile app will play against poker players from the actual 888 poker network, not only against other mobile users. There are a few shortcomings to the app game-experience-wise too: multi tabling is not currently supported, which pretty much rules out serious grinders from among the potential users of this app. The only poker variant currently supported is Texas Holdem, so Omaha players are left out as well. These shortcomings may be addressed through future tweaks and updates though.

When the 888 Poker Android app is launched, players get to choose between logging in with their existing details and creating a new account. Those who log in, will be able to have their passwords saved, so that they won't have to bother typing it in every time with their cumbersome touch-screen keyboards.
Those who create new accounts will be able to do so through the web-based registration form to which they're taken when they click the 'register' button. The lobby will allow players to access the play money section even when they're not logged in. The lobby features the 888 Poker logo up top, on the left hand side and the player's name and bankroll information in the top right corner. The logged-in version offers players access to the real money tables through two tabs: the beginners tab and the quick seat one. The beginners tab displays three cash game tables, which feature different stakes and game types. Those who are in a fuss to jump into the action can use these shortcuts to get going. Those who are keen on hand-picking their tables should use the quick-seat tab, which allows them to set filters based on stakes, game type and table type. The table type option refers to heads-up tables and 3-10 player tables, while game type is basically about the betting structure (FL, PL or NL).

Players can also use a slider gauge to set the exact stakes they prefer. The bottom line is that by using the quick seat tab, players can pretty much find and join the table which corresponds to their needs in every respect. Once he's located the table, the player has to click on the "play now" button to take a seat. A menu shows up first which displays in-depth information about the table one is about to join, and which allows the player to set the amount of money he wishes to take to the table. This is where players can also tick the auto-rebuy option.

The actual tables of the 888 Poker Android app are quite impressive graphically as well as functionally. The tables themselves look great and the cards are visible from a mile away even on devices with smaller screens. The same can be said about the chips on the table, so the action will always be 100% clear to all. The tables are surrounded with player avatars, under which the individual stacks are displayed. While there isn't a lot of information available on individual players, one can click on their name-tags and bring up an info-panel which allows him/her to slap a potentially useful tag on his/her opponents. These tags range from chicken through ox and rock to shark and fish.
Such tags can be particularly useful to those who play a lot at similar-stakes tables and run into the same opponents repeatedly.

The action buttons at the table are quite bulky and well-defined, but they are that way for a reason: this way they're easier to tap on touch-screen devices. The buttons are the usual ones: there's a fold, a call and a raise button. There are three buttons which allow players to place pot-size, half pot-size and 3/4 pot-size bets. There's a slider gauge too, which lets players choose the exact amount they want to wager. The table features a chat section too, and the settings menu (where players can choose and set their avatars) can also be accessed directly from the table. In the upper right corner of the table-view screen, there's a chip-button which players can use to bring more chips into play (for instance, when they want to top up their stack after a loss). The bottom line: the 888 Poker Android app represents a great solution to recreational players who like to play on the go. The app in its current form though is not suited for serious grinders.


Best Mobile Poker Room For Iphone

Bwin is one of the largest gambling companies in the world and they also fancy themselves the leader in mobile gaming through poker and their mobile sports betting applications. Admittedly Bwin mobile poker is the leading mobile poker app so if you are looking to play poker on your cellphone, iphone or blackberry Bwin is the ultimate choice. Connectivity on Bwin's mobile network is very good. As one of the most successful brands you can bet your personal information and real poker money balances are safe and secure. BWIN IS OFFERING A 1ST TIME DEPOSIT BONUS OF A MASSIVE UP TO $1000.00!!!!

Mobile Casino Bonus

Lord Of The Rings Slots for Iphone or Blackberry

Supersized $5000.00 Welcome Bonus - CLICK HERE!

For all you ladies out there who love their Bingo, you can now join Allslots and play Bingo Bonanza on your smartphone. To play Iphone Bingo Bonanza you first sign-up and fund your account for as little as 25.00. Next you will download the Bingo Bonanza game onto your iphone and you are ready to play. You will first have to select the plus or minus buttons to select the amount you want to bet or stake. Play is as little as .05 up to 10.00 on each game. Once you do this click the PLAY button and you will see all the bingo balls go flying into the air. Each ball has a number ranging from 1 - 20,000. That number is the value of the bingo ball. Six of the bingo balls selected randomly by bingo bonanza machine will roll down one at a time. Those are the six winning bingo balls. If any two of the winning balls match you are a bingo bonanza winner and collect a payout equal to the amount of your bet times the winning multiplier value. Imagine for a minute you bet 10.00 on Bingo Bonanza and the two 20,000 balls were selected. That would mean you won $200,000.00!!!!!

Best Mobile Poker Tournament

GRAND SERIES OF POKER 'MINI' Calling all players with smaller poker bankrolls. This tournament is designed for players who don't want to play in bigger buy-in tournaments yet still have the opportunity to win a six figure prize pool. This tournament was designed to accommodate less experienced players and offer them a chance to play in the larger GSOP format. Buy-ins start for as little as 5 Bucks.... There are also direct buy-ins available as well as qualification tournaments. This tournament format is attractive for the less seasoned and casual player.
  • Qualifiers start on Feb 1, 2012
  • Main Event from Feb 26, 2012 - March 11, 2012.
  • The Grand Slam Final will be held on March 18, 2012.
  • Total prize pool for this tournament is $600,000.00
Players can qualify for one of the man events by online qualifiers listed in the lobby or buy in directly. To take part in the Grand Slam with a Prize Pool of $200,000.00 players must:
  • Win one of the main events
  • Qualify via a "Last Change Qualifer"
  • Qualify via the "Leaderboard"
  • Buy-in Directly.
We wish all the players the best of luck and believe this is a really excellent opportunity for newbies to cut their teeth on real money tournament play.

Top Poker Resources

Anything that puts live online poker right at your fingertips is worth a closer look, right? The popularity of Texas holdem poker and relative simplicity of the game make this an easy offer for many online gaming companies. The how to play poker application goes way above and beyond expectations.

Mobile Gambling Bonuses

Best Casino Bonuses LadyLuck's Mobile Casino


Redkings Poker

Red Kings Mobile Poker does not limit their players to just those who use the mobile platform, you'll also be playing against other online players as well. This creates the opportunity for many game variations, table limits and tournament options. The downside is that you must create an account through your pc first in order to deposit and withdraw funds. We believe eventually this will change but for now that is the small inconvenience of playing mobile poker at RedKings. This mobile poker service also is offering excellent sign-up bonuses that you get to choose yourself. Sign-up today and take advantage of these huge poker room bonuses and start playing poker on the go. Sign-up Bonus: Take advantage of their "Pick Your Own" sign-up bonus when opening up your mobile poker account.

Bwin Poker

Bwin Mobile Poker

Win a seat in the Aussie Millions, one of the premier tournaments in the WPT circuit. You can join Bwin for a trip of a lifetime to Melbourne, Australia and sit to play with some of the biggest pro's in Poker.

The Aussie Million Prize Package Includes:

  • Main Event Buy-in for a total of 8,800.00

  • 6- Handed Buy-in for 1,800.00

  • 2,500.00 for flights and spending money

  • 2,900.00 for a Luxury Hotel package

  • For a grand total of 16,000.00 is offering four incredible ways to qualify for the Aussie Millions.
  • The $300+20 qualification route paying out prize packages
    via the Online Finals, qualify for this route for just $2 or buy in directly to the
    Online Finals.

  • A 100k freeroll paying out superb Aussie Millions prize packages for
    free! Prize packages are also available via the regular Big Bounty tournament at

  • Finally, the Head Hunter tournament: knock out the most players in this
    all-new tournament concept and you'll win a superb Aussie Millions prize package.